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A survival task for the pbc data set.


R6::R6Class inheriting from TaskSurv.


This Task can be instantiated via the dictionary mlr_tasks or with the associated sugar function tsk():


Meta Information

  • Task type: “surv”

  • Dimensions: 276x19

  • Properties: -

  • Has Missings: FALSE

  • Target: “time”, “status”

  • Features: “age”, “albumin”, “alk.phos”, “ascites”, “ast”, “bili”, “chol”, “copper”, “edema”, “hepato”, “platelet”, “protime”, “sex”, “spiders”, “stage”, “trig”, “trt”


  • Removed column id.

  • Kept only complete cases (no missing values).

  • Column age has been converted to integer.

  • Columns trt, stage, hepato, edema and ascites have been converted to factors.

  • Column trt has levels Dpenicillmain and placebo instead of 1 and 2.

  • Column status has 1 for death and 0 for censored or transplant.